Male Breast Reduction

DRV Clinic offers Male Breast Reduction which is designed to reduce the size of the breasts in men who suffer from gynecomastia for everyone in London, Turkey or Romania!


Male breast reduction is a surgical procedure that aims to reduce the size of the breasts in men who have excessive glandular tissue or excess fat in the chest area.

  • Gynecomastia Treatment
  • Masculine Chest
  • Enhanced Confidence

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Karim Brewer
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roksana sljahtitch
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What is Gynaecomastia?

Gynaecomastia is a complex interplay in the male body. It manifests as an enlargement of the breast’s glandular tissue, driven by the dance of hormones. When oestrogen levels rise or testosterone takes a step back, this tissue responds by growing.


This phenomenon often makes its presence felt during the tumultuous times of puberty or the nuanced shifts of advanced age. Crucially, it’s distinct from pseudo gynaecomastia, a condition rooted in fat accumulation rather than glandular proliferation. An accompanying symptom can be tenderness in the affected breast tissue.

What is Male Breast Reduction Surgery?

Gynaecomastia surgery, more commonly referred to as male breast reduction, is a methodical intervention crafted to eliminate surplus glandular tissue and adipose accumulations from the male pectoral area. Surgeons typically employ incisions either circumferentially around the areola or tucked into the underarm crease to maximise aesthetic outcomes and minimise conspicuous scarring.


Conducted under the veil of general anaesthesia, the male breast reduction surgery endeavour often extends for approximately two hours, although individual variations can adjust this timeframe. For those with notable fatty layers, liposuction is seamlessly integrated, allowing for a comprehensive extraction of undesired fat. The end goal? A chiselled, taut, and classically masculine chest profile.

Why Have Chest Reduction Surgery?

Considering a male breast reduction surgery is often a mix of addressing physical needs and emotional desires. Men with enlarged chest tissue face practical issues like skin irritation under the chest or posture problems. This extra tissue can also make sports or daily movements harder.


 When it comes to fashion, a well-fitting shirt or jacket can boost anyone’s day. And with a more streamlined chest, dressing sharp becomes even easier.


But the heart of the matter often goes deeper. Some gents might feel a tad self-conscious, or occasionally get those comments that make them wince. The male breast reduction procedure’s aim? Helping men stride out with confidence and comfort, feeling good in their own skin.


If this is something you’re pondering, it’s worth sitting down with a trusted doc for a heart-to-heart. They’ll guide you through what to expect and help weigh the pros and cons.


Benefits of Breast Reduction Male

Male breast reduction, a sophisticated procedure addressing gynaecomastia, offers a wide-ranging set of benefits that encompass both physical and psychological aspects:

Enhanced Physical Contour

The precise removal of excess tissue refines the chest, yielding a more structured and masculine profile.

Boosted Self-Confidence

Post-procedure, many individuals experience a notable increase in confidence, attributed to their refined physical appearance.

Reduction of Skin Issues

By eliminating surplus tissue, the procedure reduces potential skin irritations, improving overall comfort especially during physical activities.

Expanded Clothing Options

A more streamlined chest profile facilitates a broader array of clothing choices, enhancing fit and appearance.

Improved Posture

The reduction often allows individuals to stand more erectly, eliminating any subconscious hunching that might have previously occurred.

Facilitated Physical Activity

The absence of additional tissue often makes exercises like running or swimming more manageable and enjoyable.

Psychological Well-being

The procedure addresses and can improve some of the psychological discomforts associated with gynaecomastia, fostering improved mental health.

Long-Lasting Results

Once recovered, the outcomes of the male breast reduction procedure are generally enduring, especially with a consistent lifestyle.

Gynaecomastia Surgery – Step-by-Step

  1. Initial Meeting:


  • Opening Discussions: This is the foundation. Patients express their worries and aspirations to the surgeon.

  • Physical Assessment: The surgeon inspects the chest, distinguishing between fat and glandular presence while noting the skin’s resilience.

  • Health Recap: Delving into one’s medical background is crucial. Additional tests might be conducted if needed.


  1. Pre-operative Phase:


  • Medication Reassessments: A few prescribed drugs may necessitate temporary cessation or modification preceding the operation.

  • Dietary Instructions: Specific food and drink recommendations or restrictions may be outlined to prep for the surgery.


  1. Surgery


  • Anaesthesia Protocol: Depending on individual needs, the patient undergoes general anaesthesia or is given calming sedatives.

  • Cutting Techniques: Strategic incisions are made, often circling the areola or matching the chest’s natural gradients.


o   Procedure Specifics:


  • Fat Evacuation: Using liposuction, a tube extracts redundant fat, refining the chest’s appearance.


  • Tissue Excision: For pronounced glandular tissue or surplus skin, surgical removal is carried out. Occasionally, repositioning or resizing of the areola takes place.


  • Securing the Area: Post-procedure, the incisions are sutured and shielded with sterile coverings.
  1. Healing Interval:


  • Immediate Rest: Post-operation, a brief stay in the recovery ward is common. Patients can typically return home the same day, but a companion’s assistance for travel is advised.

  • Special Garments: To facilitate the recovery and to mould the chest area, patients might wear a particular vestment for a set period.


  1. Post-Surgery Oversight:


  • Scar Care: Surgery scars, though enduring, tend to fade with time. There are aids available to expedite this softening.


  • Follow-up Appointments: Regular interactions with the surgeon ensure everything is progressing well and that the patient is content with the transformation.

Gynaecomastia Surgery at DRV Clinic

Nestled in Central London’s, vibrant quarters, Romania or Turkey, DRV Clinic has become the go-to spot for gynaecomastia treatments. Why are we on top of many people’s lists?


When you step into our clinic, you’re not just another name. You’re an individual with distinct needs, and we’re keen on understanding and addressing them. Our solutions? Tailored to you, every time.


Our surgeons are more than just experts. They genuinely get the significance of their work and approach each case with both skill and heart. With the added advantage of modern tools, they consistently deliver top-quality outcomes.


Privacy? It’s non-negotiable for us. Your journey, from initial chats to recovery chats, is your business, and we’re committed to keeping it that way. Plus, we’re always a call away for any male breast reduction surgery post-treatment questions or concerns.


What’s the real story behind our reputation? It’s the countless individuals we’ve assisted, helping them embrace a confident new chapter in life. Choosing DRV Clinic means you’re not just opting for a procedure but partnering with a team that’s genuinely rooting for you.

Breast Reduction NHS vs. at DRV Clinic

When considering a male breast reduction, the DRV Clinic emerges as a top choice, especially when compared to the traditional route via the breast reduction NHS offers. Our clinic’s dedicated focus is exclusively on cosmetic and reconstructive surgeries. This specialisation ensures our surgeons possess the intricate expertise essential for precise outcomes in such procedures. 


Every patient at DRV experiences a bespoke journey, from an attentive initial consultation to dedicated post-operative care for your gynaecomastia surgery. We pride ourselves on leveraging the most recent advancements in surgical techniques, which means minimised scarring and expedited recovery for our patients. Unlike the NHS, which sometimes has extended waiting times, DRV offers convenience in scheduling. 


Your comfort is paramount; hence our clinic is designed with modern facilities that promote both privacy and serenity. Moreover, DRV believes in clarity, our transparent pricing strategy allows patients to make well-informed decisions without fretting over hidden costs. In essence, choosing DRV Clinic for male breast reduction surgery is a decision for specialised, prompt, and comprehensive care.



This intricate procedure addresses unwanted fat and tissue in the male chest, sculpting a more defined and streamlined appearance.

Those grappling with gynaecomastia due to hormonal changes, inherited traits, or weight shifts might find solace here. Still, a bespoke consultation crystallises eligibility.

Typically clocking in at 1 to 2 hours, the duration subtly shifts based on individual nuances and surgical complexity.

With adept anaesthesia application, the procedure remains insensible. You won't feel any pain, even if it is present, if it is modulated with tailored pain management.

At DRV, we carefully make incisions, often around the nipple or in hidden areas, to minimise visible scarring.

You'll notice some changes immediately after surgery. But the final results will be clear once any swelling goes down in the following months.

Most people can get back to their regular activities within a week. However, heavy exercise or strenuous activities might need more time.

The removal of breast glands is permanent. But changes in weight or hormones can alter the appearance over time.

Like any surgery, there are risks such as infections, reactions to anaesthesia, or minor asymmetry. Our team at DRV is well-prepared to handle and reduce these risks.

At DRV, our skilled surgeons use advanced methods and prioritise patient care. We aim to provide a safe and positive experience.