At DRV Clinic, we offer non-surgical elf ear treatment using dermal fillers. Our treatment involves injecting small amounts of dermal filler into the ear to create the desired shape and size. 


Our elf ear treatment is safe and non-invasive, with no downtime required.


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I looked everywhere trying to find the best place for the elf ear thing, and kept stumbling upon the DRV Clinic in London. Everyone seemed to have good things to say about them. The staff? So down-to-earth and understanding. They filled me in on the whole process, and honestly, I'm thrilled with the results. My new ears are exactly the touch of whimsy I'd been hoping for.

Sophie T. Great Staff!

I'm a stickler for the details, especially with medical stuff. DRV Clinic laid everything out clear as day: what the surgery would involve, how long I'd be healing, any risks. It was all professional, no fuss. And the aftercare? Top-notch. I look in the mirror now, and those elf ears? They're a game changer.

David G. Top-Notch Medical Procedure!

Changing your looks? It's a big deal. I wanted the best hands for the job. DRV Clinic? They nailed it. Start to finish, they had my back. And now, this little tweak to my ears has sprinkled some magic on my everyday look. Couldn't be happier.

Nina P. Nailed it!

What are Elf Ears?

Elf ears, often called elven ear, represent a unique shape, pointed and refined, seen in age-old tales. This shape isn’t typical in everyday human anatomy. Still, it’s captivating.


This allure has led many to explore medical options. Pointed ear surgery, for one, addresses this interest. Whether you hear elfs ears, the reference is clear: a specific, elegant ear form that merges fantasy with reality.

What is Non-Surgical Elf Ear Surgery?

Ever fancied getting those mythical, pointed elf ears? Once, this would mean opting for a proper surgical procedure. But times have changed, and there’s a simpler way to achieve that enchanted look.


Welcome to the era of dermal fillers for elf ears. Those magic substances, commonly used to give faces a youthful lift, are now in the spotlight for reshaping ears. The process is pretty neat. A seasoned practitioner delicately introduces these fillers into the top section of the ear, creating that signature elfish peak.


The bonus? This method is significantly less intrusive than its surgical counterpart. No intimidating incisions or prolonged healing. Additionally, should you decide on a modification or revert in the future, it offers that flexibility. One added perk? Recovery is notably swift, allowing individuals to seamlessly blend back into their regular rhythm.


In essence, if the allure of elf ears beckons but traditional elf ear plastic surgery seems a tad too intense, this non-surgical avenue could be your golden ticket.

Benefits of Elf Ears Non-Surgical Procedure

Gentle Approach

Bypassing the need for cuts or stitches, this method sidesteps the complications tied to traditional surgeries.

Swift Session

The treatment can be wrapped up in a single appointment, a bonus for those always on-the-go.

Rapid Bounce-Back

The absence of surgical repercussions means you're back on your feet and into your usual activities in no time.

Room for Change

The use of dermal fillers grants a level of malleability. Need some tweaks? Or a full revert? The door's open.


On the whole, non-invasive treatments tend to be lighter on the wallet compared to full-blown surgeries.

Minimal Unease

Patients typically note a lower degree of discomfort, both during and post-treatment.

Authentic Look

Done right, the results seamlessly blend with your natural ear structure, steering clear of an overtly artificial appearance.

Trustworthy Technique

In the hands of seasoned practitioners, using top-tier fillers, the method boasts a commendable safety record.

Instant Gratification

While some treatments make you wait to witness the magic, here, the elven ear allure is palpable almost instantly post-procedure.

In today’s dynamic world, many seek subtle yet distinct changes to express themselves. Our clinic’s non-surgical elf ears procedure offers just that. It’s a professional, efficient procedure that provides an elegant nod to fantasy without the extended recovery of traditional surgery. Tailored to fit the modern individual’s lifestyle, it’s a fresh way to showcase your unique flair with the trusted expertise of our dedicated team.

Non-Surgical Elven Ears – Step-by-Step

  1. Initiation

Walking through our clinic doors, the ambiance subtly whispers reassurance. Over a freshly brewed cup, let’s unfurl the tapestry of your elven ears aspirations. It’s part deep-diving discussion, part shared daydream – a genuine merger of our expertise and your vision.


  1. Consultation

Much like the rings on a tree trunk or the lines on one’s palms, every ear narrates a unique saga. We delve deep, becoming cartographers of its ridges and valleys, identifying where fillers would dance harmoniously with your anatomy.


  1. Preparing the Canvas:

Before the maestro begins, the canvas is honoured. A gentle, sterile cleanse readies the area. But it’s more than clinical sterilisation; it’s a soothing ritual, ensuring comfort with a touch of a numbing embrace, if needed.


  1. Procedure

Here’s where science waltzes with art. The dermal filler, our sculptor’s clay, is tenderly yet expertly introduced. Like a poet selecting words or a jeweller placing gemstones, every injection is intentional, purposeful.


  1. Massaging the procedure

As the filler settles, a soft yet strategic manipulation ensures it blends seamlessly. Think of it as the final brushstrokes on a masterpiece, capturing the light just right.

  1. Instructions

Our commitment extends beyond the plastic surgery elf ear procedure. With a gentle handover, we give you nuggets of wisdom: aftercare pointers. It’s not just advice; it’s a protective shield, ensuring the artwork we co-created thrives.


  1. Post-Op Care

Life is an ever-unfolding story. As chapters progress, a catch-up feels right. Not just a clinical check-in, but a reunion of sorts. Let’s marvel together at the transformation and see if the narrative needs any fine-tuning.

Elf Ear Surgery vs. Non-Surgical Elven Ears


  • Procedure Method:

Traditional elf ears surgery is quite a commitment. It delves into surgically reshaping the ear cartilage to achieve that desired pointed look. On the other hand, our non-surgical elf ears enhancement at DRV Clinic steers away from invasive methods. Instead, we employ dermal fillers to artfully and delicately mould the ear, achieving a similar effect without surgical interventions.


  • Recovery Time:

With elf ears surgery, recovery can be a lengthy affair. Patients often need to navigate post-surgical discomfort, potential swelling, and a period of downtime. The non-surgical approach, championed by DRV, dramatically reduces these concerns. Most of our clients find themselves back to their daily routines almost immediately, free from extensive recovery periods.


  • Reversibility:

Surgical alterations come with a degree of permanence. Once you’ve committed to the surgical route, any desired changes would necessitate further surgeries. The beauty of DRV Cinic’s non-surgical method lies in its flexibility. As time passes, fillers can be adjusted, or they naturally get absorbed, granting you the freedom to tweak your look or even revert to the original appearance if you choose.


  • Risk Factors:

All surgeries come with their set of potential complications, be it the risk of infection, issues with wound healing, or scarring. The non-surgical treatment at DRV Clinic minimises these risks. Our clients might experience minor and temporary symptoms like slight swelling or redness at the injection site, but these pale in comparison to surgical risks.


  • Cost Considerations:

Financially speaking, plastic surgery elf ear procedures tend to weigh heavier on the pocket. They encompass the surgical process, anaesthesia, and post-operative care. DRV Clinic’s non-surgical elf ears non-surgical procedure, being less complex, offers a more affordable avenue to achieve your aesthetic dreams.


Our modern world demands modern solutions. At DRV Clinic, we’ve married the enchanting allure of elf ears with contemporary, efficient, and safe elfs ear procedures. Opting for our non-surgical method isn’t just about achieving an aesthetic goal; it’s about making a smart, informed choice. Less risk, reduced recovery time, financial savings, and the flexibility of results — all under the umbrella of DRV Clinic’s professional care. Allow us to bring your fantasy to life with precision, care, and expertise. Entrust your journey to the DRV Clinic, and let’s craft your story together.

How to make Elf Ears @ DRV Clinic?

In the heart of London, where tradition meets innovation, DRV Clinic emerges as a sought-after destination for those dreaming of non-surgical elf ears enhancement. Through the skilled hands of our experts, the boundaries between nature and myth blur, creating the elegant elven ears curves using top-tier dermal fillers.


Each journey at DRV Clinic is distinctly personal. We pride ourselves on crafting experiences that reflect individual aspirations. This ethos has earned us a reputation that resonates with both locals and those from afar.


Our commitment? It’s twofold: outstanding results and absolute safety. Located centrally in London, DRV Clinic is recognized for its unyielding standards, using only the finest, MHRA-endorsed materials to ensure every client’s peace of mind.


Beyond the treatment, our dedication shines through in our comprehensive aftercare. It’s this all-encompassing attention to detail that truly distinguishes DRV Clinic in a city teeming with aesthetic choices.


For a seamless blend of the everyday and the enchanting, DRV Clinic stands as London’s premier choice.

Before and After Results

Have you ever gazed upon the moonlit silhouette of an elf in lore and been utterly captivated? Remember Grimes Elf Ear Surgery? Her journey into the world of elfin aesthetics nudged so many to wonder, “What if?” DRV Clinic took that “what if” and gave it a clinical handshake.


Let’s talk about dermal fillers, but not just any application. Think of it as painting with a feather instead of a brush, delicate strokes that dance upon the canvas of the human ear, defining its contour. Now, while elf ears surgery is like sculpting from marble—static, unyielding—our non-surgical method is akin to moulding with the softest clay, malleable and kind to the touch. It’s fascinating, isn’t it? How a procedure, grounded so deeply in scientific exactitude, can echo the whimsical notes of fantasy.


If you’re thinking visuals, oh, we’ve got them. Dive into the gallery below. Every image, a chapter; every transformation, a story. No grand tales of lengthy recoveries, just snapshots of expertise married to individual aspirations.


Considering a dalliance with the ethereal? It’s not just about emulating icons like Grimes Elf Ear Surgery results. It’s about you, your contours, your narrative. DRV Clinic stands at the crossroads, where medical meets magic, guiding you with both hands firmly rooted in professionalism and care.


Our technique taps into the subtle power of dermal fillers, moulding the ear's structure to achieve the elven ear curve—without a surgical approach.

DRV Clinic is distinct. We intertwine personalised attention, deep-rooted expertise, and a focus on outcomes that reflect natural beauty.

It's refreshingly brief—think one to two hours. Just a snippet of your day, really.

Every individual's comfort zone varies, but we’re proactive. We employ a gentle numbing cream to ensure your experience is as smooth as possible.

Absolutely. We've curated a gallery of previous transformations—pictures that chart the before-and-after journey of clients.

Usually, the effects of our chosen dermal fillers linger between 6 to 18 months. It's a considerable window, allowing you to savour the aesthetic for a good stretch.

Indeed. For the initial week, it's best to minimise ear handling, shield them from intense sun, and avoid steamy environments like saunas.

While there's no exclusive product list, we'll hand over a set of care instructions to optimise your results' lifespan.

Of course. Our engagement doesn't end post-procedure. Should you seek adjustments, we're here to assist.

Simply reach out to our responsive team, and we'll usher you toward the next available slot.