Razvan Vasilas

Razvan Vasilas stands as an esteemed expert and mentor in the non-invasive aesthetic, cosmetic, and anti-aging medicine sector, boasting more than 5 years of experience in this domain. He is widely recognized for his skills in injectable procedures and maintains a cutting-edge understanding of the newest generation of treatments.

The enthusiasm Razvan Vasilas harbored for aesthetic medicine was ignited during his younger years. He was captivated by the profound impact that non-invasive procedures could have on an individual’s looks. Following a global journey of study and practical training, he moved to the United Kingdom to pursue advanced learning and nurture his fervor for the aesthetics discipline.

Razvan’s exceptional skills and dedication to his profession promptly positioned him as a highly in-demand practitioner in the UK, earning him the nickname “Dr Botox.” His renown extended beyond borders, leading him to undertake training in diverse countries across the globe such as Russia, Dubai, Italy, Spain, and Ukraine. Leveraging his vast understanding and experience, he aids patients in realizing their aesthetic goals through advanced technology and tailored treatment strategies.


Dr. V’s distinctive talent for amplifying his patients’ inherent beauty via the creation of facial symmetry and defining their profiles has resulted in a dedicated following. He provides a variety of treatments, focusing on safe and effective non-surgical options that have seen rising popularity in recent times.

Razvan’s commitment to his craft transcends his clinical work. He is enthusiastic about imparting his wisdom and proficiency to others, actively educating healthcare professionals in the craft of injectables across countries like the UK, Spain, Germany, Italy, Romania, and the Czech Republic. His devotion to this instructional aspect ensures that his excellence in aesthetics will inspire and influence practitioners well into the future.

Alongside his love for aesthetics, Razvan is also a business owner, presiding over the esteemed Dr. V Aesthetic Clinic in London, UK. He possesses expertise in the male penis enlargement (P shot) procedure, and uses his proprietary methods for eyebrow lifting, facial balancing, male masculinisation, and buttock lifting.

His clinic is recognised as a top-tier choice for those seeking premium, customised aesthetic treatments, and his team of clinicians are devoted to offering the best possible patient care.

Razvan’s relentless determination and enthusiasm for non-invasive aesthetics have earned him a name as a respected professional in the industry. He remains steadfast in assisting his patients in reaching their aesthetic objectives, while also mentoring the upcoming generation of practitioners in the most recent techniques and procedures.